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Have you always wanted to attend a Real Swing Party, but didn't know where to go or what to do when you got there?

Have you ever wondered what Real Swingers do at Swing Parties?

Follow me, I'll be your guide to Swingland!

Who is Alice?

I'm a Swinger

I write for and distribute Swinger Scoreboard Magazine on the West Coast. I am as close to a professional swinger as you can get. I love my job! My job takes me to fun places like New Orleans, swingers cruises, and erotic resorts like Hedonism II in Jamaica. When you join "Alice in Swingland" it will be just like you are attending the swing party with me!

I love to Flash in Public

It really turns me on and makes my pussy very Wet! These guys really liked looking at my pussy in New Orleans. There are lots of pictures of me flashing pussy in public. Don't forget to check out my Party Page. I travel to many fun places. You just might be able to check out my pussy in person. Membership has it's privileges!

I love sex with Guys!

I am very good that's how I made the cover of Cocksuckers!!! Can you just imagine if I had your Cock in my mouth! I think that every guy should get a Blow Job every Friday if not every day. Every Friday is Blow Job Friday in Swingland. Do you like facials? I had to remove the cover shot to comply with the new censorship regulations. Please think before you vote!

I love Sex with Girls!

Here I am on the cover of Bisexual Journal. Have you ever watched two girls pleasure each other? I'm sure you all know that there is nothing like licking a girls clit and bringing her to orgasm. You should see what I can do with my "Strap On." Watching two women have sex is very erotic. If you like girl/ girl sex scenes you'll find many of them on Alice in Swingland. I love to lick pussy!

What's my all time favorite thing to do?

I love lots of Cock! Here I am on the cover of Interracial Gangbang! Would you like to be part of one of my Gangbangs? I truly love to Fuck! It's the best way I know of to spend a Saturday night! My members get all the hot pictures and I tell you exactly how it happened! How about a nice Cream Pie?

What's in "Alice in Swingland"


Tens of Thousands of high quality pictures of me and my friends at real swing parties. Would you like to see what real swingers do at hot and sexy resorts like Hedonism II in Jamaica? I have the inside story just for you on swingers conventions all over the country. Do you like gangbangs? If you truly want to know what swingers do behind closed doors Alice in Swingland is for you.


One of the big features about Alice in Swingland is the stories. You won't find fiction and fantasy on my site. All of my stories are from my real life experiences at Swing Clubs, Swing Conventions, and erotic resorts like Hedonism II. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "what happens here stays here?" I give you all the erotic details. I tell you about the parties I attend as they really happen. Currently there are over 100 stories in Swingland.


There are hundreds of video clips inside the site for you to enjoy. The videos are from some of the swingers orgies that have taken place at my home. There are videos of gangbangs where I've been the center of attention! I also have videos from the many events that I've attended. Whatever you like in the way of sexy videos your find on Alice in Swingland.

Updates There are tens of thousands of pictures, hundreds of videos and hundreds of pages of real stories from my adventures. I update with my current adventures regularly. I'll give you all the nasty details about the guys I fucked at last weeks party!

Want to meet me?

I am constantly going to parties and events. I'll let you know what parties I'll be at and how you can attend. I make every effort to meet my members. My member have a members only E-mail address for me personally.

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This is not a Swingers Contact Site

If you want to meet other there are many swingers contact sites. I want to make the following recommendations from my personal experiences as to which sites might be most effective for you. Most these sites have a free memberhip option so that you can try them. I'm a member on most of these sites.

Lots of Lakes and Forests where you live?

If you live in the Northern States near Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio you'll want to join the Freedom Express! These are the same wonderful people who bring you events like Swingstock. I've been to Swingstock and we've been friends for years.

Would you like to meet people from all over the country?

If you travel, if you live in a tourist destination, or you want a site with national appeal. I would suggest Swing Lifestyle.