Membership Has Its Benefits!

Consider this, the average adult magazine costs $8 to $10 these days. It will contain maybe 100 pictures and maybe 4 or 5 articles or stories. Hardcore magazines average at least $19.95 and contain about the same number of pictures and one or two fantasy stories.

The cost of 10 minutes of phone sex is about $40 and you see nothing!

Wouldn't you like to get more for the dollars you spend? When you join "Alice in Swingland" you'll have access to thousands of high quality pictures, both hard core and soft core. There are literally hundreds of pages of stories about the swing parties I've attended at Swing Clubs, Swing Conventions, and Resorts like Hedonism II. I know of no where else on the web where you can get real non-fiction pictures and decscriptions of swingers orgies. My site is updated 3 to 4 times every week with at least 50 new pictures, stories, and a new video. How often does the magazine you just purchased update?

Do you like pictures that move? I have a selection of videos you can watch on your computer anytime you want to. Finally you get hard core live cam shows every day from me and over 80 other girls who are part of Amateur Cam House. When I have swing parties you get to watch the orgy while it happens right on your computer.

Common Questions

What will appear on my credit card statement? You will see a charge for the exact amount of your membership from CCBill.

Is this purchase secure? Yes, CCBill is a very secure mainstream credit card processor. This process is far more secure than giving your credit card number over the phone.

What if I have a problem? I'm not a large company with customer service support staff. That is the reason I use CCBill. They have customer service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can and will solve any transaction problems you may encounter.

Is my personal information safe? Yes, it's 100% safe. Your personal information will never be given out or sold to anyone.

If I purchase the Monthly Rebilling membership, how hard is it to cancel? It's simple you can cancel your membership by clicking here and entering your information. You can also contact me directly by e-mail from inside the site and I'll cancel it for you.

I forgot my password! When that happens simply click here to retrive your password. You can also e-mail me but keep in mind that I do travel so it may take longer if I'm not at my computer.

I purchased a password but can not get into the membership area? Passwords are activated immediately. You are most likely typing it incorrectly. Check the e-mail you received to make sure you are entering it correctly. The best way is simply to copy and paste it into the password box.

What is your refund policy? Refunds ONLY on unused memberships.

Membership Options
1 Month
1st Month $14.94 rebills at $14.95
**Special** 2 Months
2 Months for $19.95 rebills at $9.95
1 Month
$19.95 one time billing
3 Months
$35.95 one time billing

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